My Dream from the Spider Goddess

Spider Goddess

I awoke this morning to remember I had a dream from the Spider Goddess.  While I know there was more to the beginning to this dream, the only part I can really remember was driving to an empty store, hotel office, or other type of office. I don’t know if the guy came with me or if he was waiting for me there. I remember that I had been in some contact with this youngish guy, but I had not met him before that.

He was happy to see me and asked if I was ready. I wasn’t entirely sure what he expected or what was supposed to happen, but I decided to go with it after coming all that way and I did not want to disappoint him. He was much more enthusiastic than I was.

He was took out a little hand drum and began to cheer me on. He was telling me it was my moment and i should make the most of it. I felt self conscious and looked to Rob, who was standing by the car. But once more I decided to go with it and enjoy myself. The young man began to bang on his drum and lead me in a small circle to begin the procession of two. He asked if I was ready to meet the goddess and I paused. I asked which one. He said the spider goddess and was ready to take me.

I was a bit astounded, but felt joy and honor. We approached the door and I could not help but notice how creepy the building was. I doubted for a moment that this meeting was as good as it sounded. But I also understood the Building was built on top of an energy vortex or gateway and it was not that that building or place was special to the goddess just useful.

I also understood that the goddess would come through the gateway or vortex, in the basement. There would not be much ceremony, some customs of the goddess. She would tell me it was time to learn something new. The chronology of the dream became confusing to sort out in a linear fashion. As I understood what was intended, it was as if I was standing before and she was telling me these things. When I woke I was not sure what was started had been finished, but I was certain something had begun.

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