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Wire wrapped Carnelian pendant

$ 20.00

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This wire wrapped carnelian pendant was created with the intention of joyful release.

Carnelian is a stone of joy and pleasure. This particular stone just oozes joy. But more importantly, this level of joy helps bring us back to a place of alignment. When life stresses you out and you feel down, you aren’t in alignment with the basic joy, gratitude, and pleasure you can take from your life.

This piece can support your efforts to find those feelings of peace, joy, and a sense of daily adventure in your life. A joy that is grounded in this moment, not in future worry or past hurt. In this sense, it is also a stone of a slow, long burning fire. Just kind of energy you need to dig into a new project, a long term project (like keeping the home fires burning during times of stress), and ignite the spark of your creative or spiritual self.

This Carnelian pendant is about an inch and three-quarters long and a little under an inch wide. It comes on a generous brown vegan cording.

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