Quartz and Kyanite Alignment pendant

$ 25.00

Quartz and Kyanite Alignment pendant

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With quartz to amplify, clear, and protect and Kyanite to cleanse, this dynamic duo is a must-have for any witch, empath, or sensitive!

When you are lit up, on fire, inflow, centered, your energy provides you a natural buffer against the day’s energy spikes and lows. This combination of gemstones was spelled with the intent to boost your natural, YOU energies so that you have that buffer. And once your own energies are amplified, cleansed, and centered, you can get to work, make choices easier, and follow your heart and intuition better.

This a seven-sided quartz meant to help you connect to your highest self. Kyanite is a super stone to work with because it cleanses your energy field without ever needing to be cleansed itself. Do not submerge Kyanite in water though!

The pendant is over two inches long, including the handmade bail. It is roughly half an inch wide. This stunning piece comes on a generous faux leather cord.

Whether in ritual or at work, this magickal piece can help you find and stay in your natural energetic alignment!

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