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Purple and silver glitter Metatron's cube and platonic solids altar piece

$ 45.00

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This Purple and silver glitter Metatron’s cube and platonic solids altar piece is shimmering and gorgeous!

The soft Golden mica of the main body is highlighted by handing in dark gold through the flower of life pattern. Seeded with ancient sacred geometry, these symbols work together to inspire connection to the forces of Earth, Aether, Water, Fire, Air, and the forces of Creation.

These boards are amazing meditation tools, good for crystal grid work, and energy work. You can use it as a meditation tool by tracing (with your finger or just your mind’s eye) the patterns.
Each one is hand-cast with resin and mica and hand-painted with great care to make the design really standout. Each board takes roughly two days to finish up, and need three days to cure.
The mica and titanium in the pigments also help to clear energy and promote healing and homeostasis within the body and your space.

It’s a smooth 8.5 inches in diameter.


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