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Moth pendant

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This moth pendant features an actual moth cast into resin. No moths were harmed in this creation, this little beauty was found already passed on by my back door in wonderful condition.

Spiritually speaking, moths represent messages from the other side or even spirit messages. So if you find moths just seem to love you, maybe there is a message trying to come through.  Because they are frequently seen at night trying to get our lights, they have become associated with witches and darker dealings. But the delicate yellow wings of this sweet soul tells me, it can’t be up no good!

The moth pendant is over an inch long, including the custom antique bronze bail. It comes on a faux leather cord, about 28 inches long, ready to be used in your next casting or as a connection to the spirit of these awesome winged helpers.

Note: as per the natural conditions of deterioration, the moth’s wings will lose color over time due to UV exposure.

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