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Herb and stone moon protection suncatcher wallhanging

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This protection Moon suncatcher is hand cast in resin, this firey herbal mix is blended with two amethyst points to bring feelings of protection and confidence. Sprigs of desert sage give it a green witch feel.

Witches can very sensitive to the energies around us, and having good magickal protection is a must.

Traditionally, amethyst is a very protective stone, which also supports your efforts to tap into your intuition and magick.

The herbal mix in this pendant was created with the fire which burns away untruth and toxic behaviors.

Sages are most known for lending clarity, wisdom, and protection, as is amethyst.

Created on a waning moon, under the growing influence of the Christmas star, supporting your release of old patterns and toxic situations.

Through hermetic and magickal theory, these ingredients will help bolster your energy no matter the environment and will help you channel the clarity and peace of mind you need to navigate challenging situations.

This moon is 4 inches long and over 1.5 inches wide and hangs on a 4-inch silvery-blue ribbon.

Due to the nature of decomposition, the vibrancy of the herbs will fade over time with exposure to UV.

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