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John_William_Waterhouse_oracle_1884From classes on Reiki to magick Dracowolf is always evolving to meet the needs of your inner Alky-me!!

Free online classes

Live online Path of Magick class:  newletter subscribers only

Take the course with AEgeria!!  AEgeria N. Speaspinner as developed an online course entitled the Path of Magick exclusively through Dracowolf. This course is meant to be a foundational course, but not necessarily for the new witch. This course will cover what it means and what it takes to live a magical life. All you need for taking this guided course is a notebook, word processor, or online journal!  There will be a little homework after each lesson, which you will submit to AEgeria for review and then you and she can discuss the lesson and your assignment live over email. This class is FREE for all Dracowolf members!! Sign up for Free today!



Live Workshops and classes: TBA

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