Reiki is a form of energy healing begun in Japan in the 1800’s.  Practitioners of Reiki are ritually attuned to the flow and frequency of the Universal Life Force and learn to channel that energy and pass it on to other who need to be synced with these Divine energies in order to heal.  There are usually three different levels of practitioner, the last being that of the Master-teacher, who can pass attunements to new practitioners and practice healing both in person and from a distance for clients.

AEgeria took her level 1 practitioner class in 1999 and achieved her master-teacher status in 2008.  She believes that Reiki should be available to all, and that spiritual teachers and practitioner should also be supported, so they can focus their energies and resources on their work of bettering their communities.  She believes all forms of energy healing are essential to living a full, healthy, and balanced life.  AEgeria offers distance Reiki healing sessions and subscriptions to help keep your energies and life flowing strong.   Get a distance subscription with AEgeria!


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