Raise your Vibe features post by Intuitive Coach Lindsay from Super Secret Powers Coaching. Her work is about psychic development for opening and living with your psychic and spiritual abilities and sensitivities. Raise your vibe today!


Feeding High Vibes

This has been a wicked year. I'm probably not the only one. Sooo much change all at once, so many ...
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If You Don’t Grip On Your Psychic Abilities Now, You’ll Be In Trouble Later!

These seven steps will help you set up a personal procedure to use to be a healthy and happy psychic ...
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Should psychic readings be done for money?

I wanted to address something about the way I work my chat room and even personal psychic readings. There are ...
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3 Spiritual tips for opening and using your psychic abilities

This post is probably the first in a series about developing psychic abilities, opening, use, and health. And each of ...
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How I do psychic readings!

I have been asked this quite a few time over the course of my time preforming psychic readings in person ...
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7 magickal secrets to easing anxiety and panic

I have problems with anxiety.  I am a person who loves to live in the mental worlds. I love the ...
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Where has all the logic gone? -ethical paranormal investigations

This post is about ethical paranormal investigations, and it may sound a little pessimistic to some, but I like to ...
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