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This one of a kind item is an elegantly “crowned” Victorian glass bottle pendant, ready for a pinch of your special spell mix!

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Victorian bottle pendant

This elegantly “crowned” Victorian glass bottle pendant is one of a kind and ready for a pinch of your special spell mix!

This delicate and demure bottle pendant brings this scene to mind, “She opens the ornate bottle pendant delicately suspended underneath her bodice, she quietly uncorks the bottle.  She inhales slowly the deep and sensuous aromas floating to the top of the bottle. She had spent all night working and tweaking the brew, so the effect was perfect for her intentions.  She sprinkles the mixture of herbs, oils, and gems into her lover’s pillow…..”  What will you do with this spectacular pendant?

The bottle itself is is approximately 2 inches€ long, with a rustic cork stopper. The stately pewter filigree round has been artistically wrapped around the top of the bottle to give a crowned effect and Victorian panache to this bottle pendant.

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