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Frick silver dragon of quartz

Make Frick, the Silver Dragon of Quartz, your life-long companion today! Each dragon pendant is handmade with it’s own personality and story. Frick is a keeper of crystals, especially quartz. He is wrapped around his friend, a lemurian seed quartz point.  Frick is from an astral realm called Mungba, where there are many types of Fyglia (a personal helper spirit who take animal form). His favorite way to find his way to our realm is through the smoke lavender incense, the wonderful sweet fragrances waft between worlds luring him right to you. He especially loves crystals, shiny baubles, and sparking personalities. He can show you hidden joys, hope, and trust. His favorite place is nuzzled into the neck of his new companion!

Frick is one of a kind, so adopt him today!

This delightful silver Dragon of Quartz is:

  • About 2 inches tall and two inches wide
  • Flat-backed so he will nuzzle against you securely
  • suspended from a rawhide cord
  • decorated with baked-in crystals
  • sealed, but still might need special care if it gets wet
  • hand-sculpted and inlaid with crystals
  • Ready to wear from a metal bail on the back

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