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Put Practical magic in the palm of your hand with this globe-shaped crystal pendulum.

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crystal pendulum


Put Practical magic in the palm of your hand with this globe-shaped crystal pendulum.

This unique pendulum was created using a vintage crystal globe as the focal point, and a silver-toned dogtag style “Journey”€ charm at the other end for easy holding and position when using the pendulum. Styled for Donna Edens energy medicine this crystal pendulum can easily help break pockets of negative energy and blocks.

To use a crystal pendulum hold the charm at the end and allow the pendulum to swing freely.  You can wrap the chain around your fingers to find the right length for you.  Decide which motions mean “yes” and “no”.  You can use a mat or pre-made dowsing guide, or you can decide for yourself which motions mean what.  State your idea out loud about which motions will mean what answers, and then ask your question.  Not every answer will have a straight forward “yes” or “no” answer, so if the motion does not seem to indicate clearly, then assume that is something influencing your question that you are not accounting for.  The crystal pendulum can also be swung over your chakra points to help clear them out and keep them in balance.

The chain for this crystal pendulum is approximately 12 inches€ long.


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