smudgingMonthly Mystical Report Reading for December 15th through January 26th

With this Monthly Mystical Report, I wish you a Merry solstice, a joyful Christmas, Happy Kwanza, and a happy Hanukkah. Look for our new monthly mystical report over the holiday week to start planning your new here in your New Year’s resolutions with accuracy!

Have a wonderful New Year!!

The message for December 22nd through January 22nd: I use two decks for this reading and they were quite empathic about the message for this coming month.


The legacy of the divine tarot deck: full Celtic cross spread

The base perspective seems fairly optimistic for this coming month we have possibilities and choices. We are reaping the rewards of our passionate work. In this reading to cards were drawn in the crossing position. First card the ace of wands seems to actually lend support we are inspired, we have been given a gift. But at the same time in nine of swords in the same position tells us that there is a burden with our choices, and we are worried perhaps making the right decision, or perhaps what the price of the decisions will be.

The past position also drew to cards, justice and 10 of pentacles reversed. This shows some kind of official decision or legal decision where we were at a loss.

The present position contains the chariot reversed. While many readers choose to interpret the chariot as a sign of aggression or travel, I look at the horses and the divine guidance shown in my card as more of asking the question, “what’s driving you?”. Being reversed, and this question is when we should each be asking ourselves, for something has gone awry. Are we letting our anger control ourselves, are we letting our fears drive us? I read this as a warning to get our lives back under control.

The immediate future holds to 10 of swords. They are reaching the end stage of its trial or challenge but if we don’t turn around her chariot and get her life back under control,/challenge can come with a heavy price. For this trial are challenged open up to us we must strive for a balanced and logical approach to the situation.

The larger perspective of this challenging trial is that this is just one step along the road, but is a vital step one they cannot be missing building foundation for a better tomorrow. We cannot look back on what we had before anything that things the same, rather for must embrace what is before us.

Our sense of balance in union, or perhaps we thought was perfect in our lives, is being put through trial by fire, and what we hope we can make a new beginning of all of this, the hanged man in the outcome position tells us that much watch, wait, for in time and we must take deliberate action or make active choices.


Messenger Oracle deck, world tree spread

The messengers seemed to echo the sentiments of the hanged Man in the tarot. We are watching and waiting for the right time to act in the right decision to come. In the meantime the messenger speak of respecting boundaries, grounding out and putting need a necessity first. Self-care and personal boundaries cannot be put second during this trial, for we will need her stamina.

The messengers call us not to be afraid of the unknown, whatever challenge lies before each of us is not something built out of her worst fears. Remember to embrace the goddess within all of us that nurturing and mystical spirit breathes life into the world. Nor could we forget the physical connection we have to the world around us and those around us.

Instead of being fearful, isolated, depressed we need to seek and embrace the wider vision of spirit of the equal. We need to embrace the perspective of spirit, and rise above what we think we know.

Ultimately this challenging trial speaks to us being able to show that we care. This is represented in the card by a female dressed in a gossamer silvery white gown, sitting in a forest and reaching up to gently stroked the snout of a majestic ancient white Dragon. This card is very reminiscent of the tarot major arcana the card, strength, which reminds us that sometimes we are our strongest, not only use brute force or aggression, but when we show the strength of our heart and are wisdom.

Working together these cards seem to show that this time we should be trusting our intuition, our heart knowledge, and our wisdom in order to know how we should move forward.



Long standing planetary influences for this month:

Uranus in Aries:The urge to start fresh, to break free from restrictive attitudes or circumstances, to totally redesign an area of our lives (or even our personalities), and to gain freedom through independence is strong with Uranus in Aries.

Jupiter in Cancer: Cancer is a water sign. With a Water sign Jupiter, we have a strong belief in a higher power. We are most able to attract luck and rich life experiences through our intuition, imagination, and compassion. Helping those in need boosts our own morale. More specifically with Jupiter in Cancer, we attract the most good fortune when we are sympathetic, charitable, use our powers to save and accumulate, and comfort others. Real estate, child care, mother care, and the food industry can be prosperous avenues. Go with your gut, even it seems a little out there or too much and keep an eye on the big picture. Balance identity issues with learning and expansion.
Saturn in Scorpio: Significant decisions are often made during Saturn’s hard transits to our personal planets. These transits slow life down (or at least, that is how we perceive it) and force us to live our lives in the present. Although Saturn transits can make life feel like a drudgery (these are often times when our lives seem to move at a snail’s pace and advancements are hard to see), they also give us the opportunity to gain inner strength, to become more responsible for what we do and say, and to cut out waste or excesses in our lives. Basically, what happens is a form of paring or slimming down in the area of life affected by Saturn. We are getting rid of things in our lives that are not working for us in the real world, and focusing on improving and strengthening the things that do serve a useful purpose. Take the slow times to fill up, and build up your inner reserves. Be careful of depression, if we were riding high during a high-speed Uranus transit just before Saturn “hit”, this period can mark a significant time in our lives when we “pay” for the risks we may have taken during that Uranus phase. While it may feel like life has just stopped, it really hasn’t, it’s taken on a new form and we need to slow down and adjust to a tighter way of being, where we get ready for new growth.

Neptune in Pisces: Neptune’s entry into its watery home sign signals a spiritual awakening that crosses the threshold of our individual differences to reconnect humanity in a web of common awareness. Compassion shifts from an idealistic concept to an active energy that puts us in touch with one another in a more emotional way. The last time Neptune was in Pisces — from 1847 through 1862 — concern for others was reflected in the abolitionist movement to end slavery in the United States and to free the serfs in Russia. It’s likely that this transit of Neptune will again put issues of injustice and inequality into the spotlight.

Pluto in Capricorn: The planet of transformation ends its 13-year stay in religious Sagittarius, a period when fundamentalist beliefs have radically changed the world. The next phase, Pluto’s entry into organizational Capricorn, will alter the nature of corporations, nations and international groups of all kinds. The planet Pluto and sign Capricorn share a strong sense of intention and focus that are likely to increase efficiency in many domains. Ideally, Pluto brings us to the essence of issues and, in Capricorn, will lead to a transformation of the social order, one in which the extreme inequities of power and resources are overcome by a burgeoning awareness of our shared humanity.

December 15 – 21st

The message:

This week we seem to find ourselves in a much better position than we’ve been all month. It seems as if some things have fallen into place so that some of that feeling of needing to take control has been tempered a little bit. Hopefully from last week we’ve realized that in the strength to do with his right does not necessarily mean trying to take control the situation or contrive our influence over it. All judgments and decisions might generally turn into our favor, but we might not get everything immediately wanted or needed. Again with the contrast between the two decks, the tarot being more insightful and detailed does tend to have more of a negative spin. But the Oracle messenger deck once again tells us this week to have courage. And to temper that, it also tells us to seek the lesson and share your thoughts, as this seems to be a time when all points of view must be considered. However, this is not a time to become possessive or defensive about the things we thought were ours or a large part of our life. The wheel is turning once more in our lives and we must embrace new energy and use it to create the life that we truly need.

December 16 & 17th: Moon in Gemini in opposition to Mercury in Sagittarius, Full moon Gemini, Uranus direct, Jupiter Sesiquiquadrate Neptune:

We should all strive to tell the truth, but sometimes being blunt or frank will not actually help the situation. With Uranus beginning to go direct and the full moon in effect we will feel the impetus to express our authentic selves. Do embrace your authentic self, just do so with wisdom and compassion for others as well. Once we have expressed out loud the needs of our authentic self we will set new cycle in motion, which will continue for the rest of this month, that will bring what we truly need.

December 18: moon in cancer in a grand cardinal square with Uranus and Pluto:

While getting together and get-togethers might require a little bit of planning and strategy today it might be best to stick with what you know and focus on the act of coming together, rather than putting on the perfect party.

Dec. 20th & 21st: Sun enters Capricorn, Venus retrograde:

It is time for a shift once again as the solstice approaches. This is a time of gratitude for what we’ve learned and what we have. Our focus will shift toward lifestyle as we head toward Christmas and begin thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. We must be careful during this time, as today Venus goes retrograde until the end of January. You must resist shallow and superficial decisions, or decisions based on shallow or superficial wants. Make the solstice and your New Year’s resolution focused on attaining accord and peacefulness with your authentic self and life’s purpose.

December 23rd – 29th:

The Message:

This week there is a distinct call to know what our fears are, and to make sure you’re not projecting those into the situation at hand. We need to seek with comfort, care, and support we need in order to deal with this week’s challenge a more practical and earth the way. And inserting our fears from the past will not help us to the situation clearly not. Right now the goal is to be objective.

The cards also send us a message that if we embrace the changes we need to make fully, that we can start getting back into the flow of life in the holidays around us, and we can start making practical plans for the future. While they cannot guarantee that we are completely out of the woods yet, it does seem that for the moment, most of the trial has passed. Watch for signs and spirits in the divine, take heart and courage, and love one another.

December 24th – December 25th:The stars are with us to support a joyful and heartfelt holiday season. Do expect a surprise somewhere between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. While everything seems set for a time of open hearts coming together all through this month and especially this week, do keep on eye on limits and those who might need a little break from the long festivities.

December 26 – 28th: in the days leading up to the new year, Venus retrograde and Uranus in Aries should be picking our brains about the needed changes we need to make in the coming new year. This is a good time to consider writing down our resolutions and begin planning and strategizing ways to make those changes happen. This is a time to practice balance as we will feel we need to make our first steps into these changes, while still participating in the seasonal revelry.

December 29: What begin on October 4, is intensifying and renewing itself today, it has had us a journey of self-discovery. We run the gamut from how our relationships affect us, to building up our home, and more recently the challenge of staying authentic to ourselves. Have learned so much about ourselves, but today marks the day of transformation. This is the day of the cardinal grand Cross. We have the ideas and information in order to be conscious and skillful around these transformations. We must finish shedding what no longer serves us and welcome death and rebirth into our new lives. With Uranus being at its closest the earth, this may not be the series obstacle or challenge we would normally expect a challenge like this to be. And it may even inspire us to be little bit more than we normally would be.

While this is a powerful day, it will only be a shadow of the energy that will be available in late April 2014. The major event that is happening now, Mars moving into Libra, will return again in April to form the most accurate and exact Cardinal cross that we have seen in a while. This is not something we can hide from. But on December 29 we should be able to catch a glimpse of our souls journey into April, of what will come forth out of our shadow side. While the cardinal signs across indicate that the issues with leadership innovation moving and shaking, you can look towards your own natal charts to see where Libra, Mars, or any planet at 13° falls, in order to get a sense of what part of ourselves should be honed and sharpened.


December 30 – January 5

The message

The tarot cards make this week seem very intense is stacked with five different major arcana cards. All in all, it seems that if we can re-engage our driving force and use that to do what we know is right, we might know the grace of temperance. So long as we remain tempered, and do not become possessive or defensive things can move pretty swiftly in the direction that we would like to see things go. Even the messengers seemed to agree that if we can let go of the past the fear and hurt we have experienced, recently or far into the past, and look to see the signs that are around us that we will know exactly what to do and when to do it in order to overcome this challenge.

December 31st: with all the intense energies surrounding this holiday season the solstice and all the changes occurring, consider keeping your New Year’s celebrations close to home and personally meaningful. Have your intention set, for while might seem like a bit of a bumpy day, in the end Pluto will come to save the day.

January 1st:Over the next week or so, the energies around us will be pulling us in many directions. While we still have the energies of the new moon and Pluto being in Capricorn, it’s time to pay it forward for ourselves. Do what you have to today to try to prevent yourself from getting off track in the next week or two. Set yourself reminders, creative vision board and put it in a prominent place in your home, take a good look at your schedule and your calendars for the next week, so that you can stay focused on the changes you are trying to manifest without getting overwhelmed by the potent energies of this time. Start the new year off right, with your priorities in order!

January 2 – 4th: over these days, catching up with family and friends might seem like most natural thing to do. Don’t resist these energies, but do keep in mind the Venus is in retrograde, and Jupiter(still a big influence since this past summer) might not be the best combination for having smooth affairs between family and friends. Saturn might be working against us as it has a tendency to bring up the past, your focus should be on healing, patience, and social etiquette.

January 5: after a couple days of diversion, we might finally have a little bit of breathing room to get back to our personal challenges and changes. Today is a day of yet another grand water trine, and emotions and harmony will prevail. Release any regrets or negativity from the last couple days, and prepare to move forward again. Saturn is ever urging us to move forward toward healing ourselves in our past, and is not run its course yet. You can get bogged down now.

 January 6 – 12th:

The message

Cards are very interesting for this week we have the power reversed which is the truth will not be as bad as it seems, and yet the of cards depicting overemotional is him, cards depict taking mercy and pity, and cards say that perhaps we’re looking for something that we cannot yet obtain. I think the message and the themes here in this weeks cards is that we should take what we can get, for the past cannot be repeated, nor can we ignore the obligations of today. The hanged Man is in the reverse position in the outcome card, but I do not think it should be. I do not think we should wait and indecision during this week, but instead we should go forward with what we do have.

January 6: the morning will be slow, but midafternoon will bring us out of that slump and longing to push forward toward what we want. But with Venus and retrograde we must maintain some focus on relationships, social etiquette, and the rules. There is no sense in pushing faster than everyone else can go, bending the rules, or wishing for things to be different. We will get what we want for today, but as always, there’s a way to talk about it and guidelines to follow.

January 7: there is a method to the madness and if you haven’t realized it by now, it’s time to start looking more closely at what rules are in play. Today we might still be feeling that you need to push forward to lead through our sense of responsibility indiscipline, but all that will be in opposition to our retrograde Venus, who was all about love, patience, and social etiquette.

January 8: with Mars in Libra square to Jupiter in cancer there’s almost no way to win an argument, so let it go and move on. The moon to move into Taurus, grounding things out and bringing things back to the home front.

January 9: especially if you are in earth sign, it is if today, the force is with you. What didn’t work yesterday, will easily flow for you today.

January 10: today’s another wonderful day to pay it forward for yourself. Things will be in alignment to bring meaning practical and financial issues into focus. You can really push through a whole bunch of small challenges in your practical and your financial life today, freeing up some of the energy you’ve been using to untangle them. It is also a day to renew your priorities and goals in regards to those big life changes that keep coming around.

January 11 – 12: Mercury moves into Aquarius today and our attention focus may start shifting toward friends, associates, and our networks. And with the moon moving into Gemini we may be able to sort out many misconceptions we have. Today is a day for sharing, and my behoove you to speak some of your goals and intentions out loud to supportive friends and acquaintances.


January 13 – 19th

The message

No matter what happens this week the cards and messengers are clear, that your own truth must shine forth above all else this week. We must be above temptation, above fear of the unknown, and above criticisms and loss. We must be and exemplify the inner high priestess that others might see in us. We need to show ourselves and the world who we really are.

January 14: while Mars energies rule the day, don’t let arguments rule your day. Diplomacy and compromise should be at the forefront of your mind. He may be feeling cold in 1 million directions by the end day, so keep it simple, no you are willing to do and what you will not, and remember to be practical. We’re beginning to build up to a full moon, so give a little leeway for a little chaos.

January 15: if you play your cards right they can be a very versatile they toward her own personal transformations Mercury is in Aquarius, and the full moon in cancer. New and independent thinking can rule, especially in the areas of home family and finances. You may find it easy to answer the question of, “how can we make ourselves more comfortable?” And with Venus in retrograde, we can certainly expect that these answers will not be superficial or about which new couch to buy.

January 16: the first half of the day, we may be lingering in nostalgia, but when the moon moves into Leo, we make it a bit of our fire back. What still keeping Venus in mind, realize that this is not simply about our personal forward growth, but also about the growth of everyone around us, and when we will be reminded to lead again, rather than move forward on our own.

January 18 and 19th: take the events of these two days and put them into the perspective of “what can I do to enhance my feeling of well-being?” Will once again have the opportunity to touch on some very basic in practical things in our lives, like finances, goals and priorities, and balancing work and play. With the sun moving into Aquarius and the moon in Virgo, our sense of well-being and personal expansion, will be at the forefront of our minds. Take the feelings and intuitions of these two days and begin to work them into your plans and goals you set around New Year’s. This information can help sustain you and power your personal transformations.

 January 20 – 25th

The message

With the hope that we have overcome any temptation to be sneaky, or any feelings of loss is time to settle into a home ear and more comfortable atmosphere and begin to set things straight once more. There may be some kind of financial pinch or some daily life snafus which need to be balanced out, but this is the way to let your courage and your own empowerment shine. Avoid negative temptations and try to avoid worrying at this time.

January 21: Venus in retrograde and Mars in Libra make today a perilous day for relationships. What is strong, will be further strengthened, but what is weak, could very well break today. While this sounds extreme, today is also the day of finding middle road. While there might be some breakups, or separations, it might all be rather anticlimactic, as it all might hinge on mutual decisions, rather than arguments.

January 22 – 23rd: these days might seem a bit of a miasma to negotiate. Cooperation ebbs and flows, and there could be some tension. Try to focus on the good things that are happening for home family and your life, while working through some of the heavier stuff.

January 24: Venus only has a week left in retrograde, and with the moon favorable Pluto, Jupiter, and Venus, we are clear, sharp, and focused. Get everything done well you can especially remember your priorities and goals for this time, and what you need to continue nourishing your well-being.

January 25: don’t get too bogged down today with thoughts of things you’ve lost. Instead try to empower yourself with the ideas and lessons for postings have taught you, so that you can move forward. With the moon void today, the might be good for some much-needed downtime.

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Written by Lindsay


I am an Intuitive Spiritual Master life coach, helping those who need help developing their life purpose, passions, and gifts! I work with people who want to be their own Super hero and discover their Super Secret Powers. I have my Master coaching certs in Spirituality coaching, Confidence coaching, Life purpose and Passion coaching, Laser coaching, and Fear and Anxiety coaching through IICS. Let’s discover how your super secret powers will change your life and your world today!

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