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Monthly Reading for August 16th through October 22nd

The message for August 19th through September 22nd: I use two decks for this reading and they were quite empathic about the message for this month from Setember16th-October 22nd.

If we had been paying attention over the summer and into the early fall, we might have noticed that things and lessons seem to be leading us somewhere, to a deeper realization of who we are and what we are capable of. This coming month, it’s going to get serious and we need to be ready to move when and how we are called to do so. This will be NOT be a calling to do something completely new or out of the blue, this calling will come from where we have been led to explore over the past months. So, you already know the just of what this change and challenge will be, in theory, at least. This is the month, where we stand up for ourselves, coming into this new way of being, to be able to begin to create a more integrated life for ourselves. This MUST be a balanced approach. There is no need to rush forward with this, things will have a timing of it’s own. So there is time and with the retrograde coming up, the ability to get our communications and plans right.

Respect yourself and your boundaries, and don’t be afraid to draw a line in the sand if need be, but realize that many will be feeling these urges and going their own version of this same process. Don’t fall back into old patterns, challenge yourself to see things anew, even in old relationships. During this month things will pick up, and we will not have too much ability rest on how unique we are and how much we love to do what we are doing. We need to have that mentality in place already in order to pull this off, it needs to be our roots, the thing from which we draw our soul’s nourishment from. This is a month of listening and when the moment comes, acting on it and leaving the rest up to the Divine. We must let go our ideas of being physically rewarded for what work we put into something. This month we must begin the shift to understanding our empowerment and increase in energy, capability, and magick are the rewards that we will receive, and the rewards we were really craving. It might seem like we are withdrawing a bit from those around us, but it more an aspect of safely trying to come through our individual changes. Make a plan to keep seeing friends who support and feed your soul, keep in contact with them and listen to their stories as well. If we are listening, if we are balancing our lives out, we are about to be initiated into something much greater than we dared we could be just a few short years ago.

Long standing planetary influences for this month:

Uranus in Aries:The urge to start fresh, to break free from restrictive attitudes or circumstances, to totally redesign an area of our lives (or even our personalities), and to gain freedom through independence is strong with Uranus in Aries.

Jupiter in Cancer: Cancer is a water sign. With a Water sign Jupiter, we have a strong belief in a higher power. We are most able to attract luck and rich life experiences through our intuition, imagination, and compassion. Helping those in need boosts our own morale. More specifically with Jupiter in Cancer, we attract the most good fortune when we are sympathetic, charitable, use our powers to save and accumulate, and comfort others. Real estate, child care, mother care, and the food industry can be prosperous avenues. Go with your gut, even it seems a little out there or too much and keep an eye on the big picture. Balance identity issues with learning and expansion.

Saturn in Scorpio: Significant decisions are often made during Saturn’s hard transits to our personal planets. These transits slow life down (or at least, that is how we perceive it) and force us to live our lives in the present. Although Saturn transits can make life feel like a drudgery (these are often times when our lives seem to move at a snail’s pace and advancements are hard to see), they also give us the opportunity to gain inner strength, to become more responsible for what we do and say, and to cut out waste or excesses in our lives. Basically, what happens is a form of paring or slimming down in the area of life affected by Saturn. We are getting rid of things in our lives that are not working for us in the real world, and focusing on improving and strengthening the things that do serve a useful purpose. Take the slow times to fill up, and build up your inner reserves. Be careful of depression, if we were riding high during a high-speed Uranus transit just before Saturn “hit”, this period can mark a significant time in our lives when we “pay” for the risks we may have taken during that Uranus phase. While it may feel like life has just stopped, it really hasn’t, it’s taken on a new form and we need to slow down and adjust to a tighter way of being, where we get ready for new growth.


Neptune in Pisces: Neptune’s entry into its watery home sign signals a spiritual awakening that crosses the threshold of our individual differences to reconnect humanity in a web of common awareness. Compassion shifts from an idealistic concept to an active energy that puts us in touch with one another in a more emotional way. The last time Neptune was in Pisces — from 1847 through 1862 — concern for others was reflected in the abolitionist movement to end slavery in the United States and to free the serfs in Russia. It’s likely that this transit of Neptune will again put issues of injustice and inequality into the spotlight.


Pluto in Capricorn: The planet of transformation ends its 13-year stay in religious Sagittarius, a period when fundamentalist beliefs have radically changed the world. The next phase, Pluto’s entry into organizational Capricorn, will alter the nature of corporations, nations and international groups of all kinds. The planet Pluto and sign Capricorn share a strong sense of intention and focus that are likely to increase efficiency in many domains. Ideally, Pluto brings us to the essence of issues and, in Capricorn, will lead to a transformation of the social order, one in which the extreme inequities of power and resources are overcome by a burgeoning awareness of our shared humanity.

September 16th-22nd

The Message:

This is going to a very special week. It’s can be the week you have been waiting for, on many levels. This is a week of being in touch with the inner you, knowing your path and your purpose and being able to think about making some changes in order to support that part of your life. This is one of those weeks that could very well be life changing, if you have the motivation and drive, the energies for transformation will be in place finally. All those watery trine were helping to clear away old and used things for a week such as this. Let your soul shine this week and follow where your dreams take you. Let your passion light a fire in your soul and heart that will warm and inspire this fall. We don’t have to act rashly or quickly right now, but this is the week where things will become clear and we will know what we need to make a long term commitment towards. Now is that time to re-do the office or craft room. It’s time to nest a little so you have a place and time to ground and plan. Be practical (needs vs wants), but also be uniquely you.


September 16: While you might feel high from all the wonderful energy and being close to knowing and feeling you are on the right path, the words and means to express some of the more esoteric thoughts and ideas might not be finding their way out. If its coming on in dribs and drabs, start writing it out or leaving yourself a voice message, because the day of the full moon this week can really give you boost you need to start living the life you want to live.


Sept. 19th full moon and Mercury Square Jupiter

Today is the day when everything seems to come together. All the changes and ideas you have been thinking about, the wishes, wants and desires for something better or different. Today is the day to let it all out. Use the perspective of the big picture that may come easily today to really tap into how to do some that moving and shaking. I have a feeling the effects of this full moon will linger a little, so don’t worry so much about some highs and lows, as things work themselves out. Take the steps you need, as you can, but don’t procrastinate! Use this wonderful expressive energy while we have it, because there a few challenges coming ahead and you might a good solid plan based on intuition and heart to get through it.


Sept. 20th: Scorpio trine Chiron

This connection suggests you can use this focus to confront your doubts/insecurities/weaknesses (look at your natal chart and see what Pisces has to say) and deal with them. There will be work involved and discipline and digging a bit deeper than you’re comfortable. Or maybe events are forcing you to endure a supremely uncomfortable situation . This is a band aid issue, do it quick, do it fast, but it get off so there aren’t problems later! Venus is in Scorpio just leaving a conjunction with Saturn. She has received her orders for the year. Personal transformation is the goal. There is a need to dig deep to get to the root of whatever patterns need changing. The Moon is in Aries today and it is the day after the Full Moon. The Moon is still in its intensity and we are fully aware. The Moon in Aries is all about being proactive. The Moon is trine (favorable) to Mars in Leo today. This gives us all the creative energy to get things moving. The Moon joins Uranus in Aries and the day begins with energy and passion.


Sept. 21st: Saturn is now in mutual reception with Pluto:

Saturn harmonizes with Pluto and the Saturn in Scorpio-Pluto in Capricorn connection can also help us to more clearly understand the long-term benefits of denying certain excessive behaviors in the present. This can help us to conquer some of our addictions, and also problems with over spending and gambling. Remember this is all setting up so we can make those changes and create that healing that we all need on one level or another!


Sept. 22rd Sun leaves practical Virgo and enters liberal Libra:

When the Sun enters Libra, it marks the Autumn Equinox in the turning of the wheel of the seasons. The beginning of each season is marked by the entry of the Sun into one of the cardinal signs, the astrological signs that initiate action. The cardinal signs are Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. Libra is the sign of balance -under the influence of Libra we seek harmony between aspects of life that are dissonant. At the sign of Libra we have just crossed the midway point of the zodiac, and at the season of Autumn we have crossed the midway point of the wheel of the year which begins in the spring with Aries. The Full Moon that occurs nearest to the Autumn Equinox is known as the Harvest Moon because at the Equinox the last of the crops are brought in from the fields. There is a sense of closing down the earth in preparation for winter and finding that balance between the indoors and the outdoors the interior of our lives and the exterior world. But before that happens, it is the season of fairs, festival, carnivals, get togethers, and revels, just remember to follow the urge to keep it all balance and that a ton of hot dogs mixed with roller coaster isn’t’ always the best thing!! It’s time to balance all Virgo driven work and practicality we have been up to our ears in and get there to enjoy the daylight while it lasts!


Let this fall enchant and help open you up to new ideas about your life!


September 23rd-29th


The Message: A choice is coming, and this is the week to make it. You may spend most of the week trying to sort through the details and collect more information, but by they end of the week the energies are in place to launch you forward with whatever choice you do make. Just make sure that you actually proactively make a choice instead of having it made for you. The change is coming, so make it your own. Own it! Know and figure how you can move forward in the best way for you, and then DO IT! This is not a time for hopes and ideas, this is the time for eliminating your resistance to what is coming and planning accordingly. This is not like a new years resolution , where we hope that over the course of the year we meet our goals. This is much more physical. We might have to put aside some of our smaller duties and responsibilities, at least a little, this week in order to take some times and really realize what needs to happen next and how we can get it done. Don’t feed the fears of doubt, by putting too much on your plate at once. Make definite baby steps if you have to.

As a side note, these are the last few days of year that Mercury will be in Libra, so expressing opposing points of view with respect and openness is a terrific way to strengthen any relationship during this time. It is about being fair enough to yourself and others to both listen and be heard.


September 24th:Mars is in Leo stimulating our creativity. It is time to put some passion into your life. The Moon enters Gemini making this the time to be curious about what is going on around you. The question is, “What do you need to know?”. Mercury the Planet of curiosity is in Libra. Libra is giving Mercury both sides of a situation. It may be hard to make a decision but a decision must be made. On the 29th, five days from now, Mercury will move into Scorpio for 2 months it will retrograde there and join Saturn 3 times. We will be on track with whatever we are deciding now. Get off the fence. Today is a very animated and revealing day as you get the information that you need.


September 26th: Jupiter is in Cancer for the next 10 months and we are supported in ways that we never expected. Also if you are laying a new foundation, starting all over in something, or just insuring what you have Jupiter is in a great position for supporting that the next 10 months. Venus entered Scorpio on September 11th and is very serious about what she is attracting, self transformation. She joined Saturn in Scorpio on the 18th and the handwriting was on the wall with what our responsibilities are. Venus has moved deeper into Scorpio and she is today trine (very favorable) to Jupiter in Cancer. This makes it all worth while as you get the needed support.


September 28th: Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Neptune : You probably feel some confusion about whether you should pursue what you see as a path towards personal goals, or whether you should put your obligations to other people first. The two are not necessarily incompatible, but while you are young it may seem that way. As you mature, you will learn to decide when it is appropriate to act for yourself, and when it is right to help others.



September 29th: Mercury enters Scorpio: Mercury in Scorpio is passionate, and this comes through when they communicate. The Sun is in Libra and we are also seeking harmony and balance, even if we need to compromise or have a mediator. Libra is the sign that encourages us to work things out through cooperation maybe even mediation. Venus, the ruler of Libra, is in Scorpio. She is intense moving forward and taking no prisoners. You may be in that mood too. You will get things done one way or another. Mercury moves into Scorpio to stay through December 4th. Lead or get out of the way. Mercury in Scorpio is all about strategy. Work smart and by instinct. While false or broken things may really be showing themselves to you, make sure criticize in a constructive manner, so your concerns don’t’ come across as negative instead.


September 30th -October 6th

The Message: We all need to get ready for a rough ride during parts of the coming months. The first week of October will have a slew of difficult aspects, along with a wild new moon on October 4. This is the week where we will our plans and strategies tested for flaws. We need to stick strong to our new priorities and to give ourselves the time and space to really try to settle into our new direction. Worries and doubts may come up, but this is the week, the time to take a step back and realize that those voices we have are merely trying to get us to plan and prepare ourselves better. Take a deep breath and make sure you understand how everything is balanced and where your aim is. Again, we are not striving and striking forward on a new path with all of our energies. We are restructuring how we think and work with life, so that the changes we seek to make have the room to grow within us.


After that, a lunar eclipse in Aries will appear on October 18. Things will keep on happening. Mercury will go retrograde October 21 to November 10. This summer had been all about emotions, but the fall is all about getting into the work and physical change behind all the transformational energies of this summer. While our first drafts of new plans or ideas might need some fine tuning, over the course of October and November we will receive the support we need to put together a stellar plan of attack for our personal evolution.


October 1st: Mars is in Leo stimulating passion and creativity. Mars will move into more practical Virgo on the 15th and we will be on a mission to get things cleaned up. Old bad habits will go by the wayside. Mars will be in Virgo until December 7th. This really helps in this time of great change to have the energy to work out the details. The Sun is in Libra square to Pluto in Capricorn demanding cooperation and balance under pressure


October 2nd: Saturn Trine Chiron: You are able to model an enlightened authority figure, one who encourages discipline and responsibility while being supportive and tolerant of individual needs and differences . This would be a good mental health day!!


October 4th: New Moon in Libra: The change we want to see in our relationships starts within, and the new moon on October 4th has come to remind us that we need to turn the mirror back on ourselves and own all of the stuff we’ve been laying on others — all of our complaints, disappointments, criticisms, gripes, etc. Are we the change we wish to see in the other? Just the same, we don’t want to fall into codependent patterns of taking on our partner’s unprocessed issues and blame ourselves. The New Moon in Libra represents a time of experiencing grace and harmony both within and in relationships with others, including all of life. The key theme would be ‘relationship’ and this covers the span of human, animal, Earth, and all of the Cosmos, including our relationship to the Divine.


October 5th: Saturn Quincunx Uranus: After Saturn has built something, Uranus breaks it down, possibly resulting in frequent change in whatever area of life Saturn rules (look for Saturn in your natal chart). There is a constant restless dissatisfaction with the structures Saturn builds, though there may be no clear reason. This restlessness is probably suppressed, until eventually some shocking action causes the breakdown of structure to allow more freedom



October 9th-15th

The message: This week is a lesson in energy. Energy will be abundant, and will make us feel more alive than perhaps we have in a while, but we remember to handle it with care and balance. The goal here, once more repeated, is not to begin acting rashly or out of sync, but rather to keep ourselves aligning with our priorities and to justly use our energies in the more effective way for the situation. Until the 15th, is a period in which there is support for those who have the courage to let their hearts lead the way. While you may have the gusto and bravado to lead, during this time, don’t let it get away from you. Engage your inner wisdom and inner king or queen when leading yourself and others forward.


October 8th: Mercury joining Saturn in Scorpio today will give you that critical investigative eye to see through any illusions brought about by Neptune. What may be revealed are foolish choices made in the past that you realize today must be dealt with. Venus remains square to Neptune the next two days. Take your time and do not get overwhelmed by what needs your attention. Take some time, work out the details to make sure you are ready to move, because a huge push is coming whether you are ready for it or not!


October 11th: Venus is in Sagittarius and full of energy. Venus is just past the square to Neptune and the view becomes clearer. Things will be revealed and you will realize what needs to be handled. The Moon in Capricorn sets off Pluto and Uranus in the wee hours of the morning and you realize when you awaken that this day and each day forward requires your full attention. It is a First Quarter Moon in Capricorn meaning it is time to take appropriate action in what plans you have on the table.


October 14th: The Moon is in Aquarius moving to an opposition to Mars in Leo. Everyone is full of themselves just stay clear. This is a good day to be the observer. The Moon goes void in Aquarius after it opposes Mars. You are left a little anxious or unsettled. The Moon comes out of void when it enters Pisces and you lay your sword down. Take a break this evening with the Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune. Now is not a good time to make a decision. It is time to be at peace. This Friday there is a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aries. This will bring some issues to a head. Also Mercury will go retrograde a week from today. Slow down and do not over react. This will be a time when you will be able to clear the way. It is just going to take a few weeks.


October 15th: Mars Enters Virgo:

This day you want to be practical, if you are multitasking keep a firm hand on the schedule. This is a good time to focus on being logical and disciplined. But Aries, Virgo, and other fire and earth signs will be effected a sense of restlessness, at least those more than other signs. Regardless, keep motivated to get things organized. Mars will be in Virgo until December 7th, so start making your to-do lists, so you can start checking things off. Mars will spend the next few days in opposition to Neptune in Pisces meaning that Mars will cut through the confusion and reveal what needs attention. The Moon is in Pisces today and it is bringing out the charitable side of us. It is a day of sensitivity and also the desire to work through some unconscious stuff. Do something nice for someone today.



October 16th-22nd

The Message: A doozy of a week!! The week will start off on a high note, but as we come into Scorpio, we may have to adjust slightly. Scorpio is moving into Aries, which brings us back to the that choice and challenge we might have made two weeks ago. It’s time to tackle some the big issues around this. This process of shifting our priorities, might seem like’s going a little trial by error, or even that we are stumbling around trying to make something work that isn’t supposed to. But this is the energy of the stars, and not your own internal doubt and voices. As mentioned a few places up above there is a process of clarification and refinement going on which will conclude in late November when we seem to all the feed back and info we actually need to move forward more with more clarity and focus. Let the full moon eclipse launch you on your new path, even if it seems like a leap faith or a bit of a foolhardy adventure!!


October 17th: Jupiter in Cancer makes us very happy. We are getting in touch with what is important to us and getting the the information and feedback that shows us what is non-negotiable in our lives. Pluto in Capricorn is in opposition to Jupiter refining what we believe in by putting pressure on us to succeed by adaption while we have fortune and luck on our side. We also have Uranus is Aries squaring from another Cardinal sign wanting change.  The Moon is in Aries today and it will be Full tomorrow evening in Aries. We will feel this today as our emotions are at a peak. This Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse that has more intensity than a regular Full Moon. The Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn and you realize where you have to conform. The Moon meets with Uranus in Aries and its time to figure out how you need to fit into a new system. Venus is in Sagittarius opening doors and expanding our horizons. This makes the changes look more attractive. Venus is trine Uranus and so when the Moon joins Uranus it sets off this beautiful aspect. A beautiful day to be recognized for who you can be, if you allow yourself.


October 18th: Full Moon in Aries (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse) : Reboot of emotional consciousness. Look at Aries in your natal chart, to see where you need to meet a challenge during this time. A time when you will need to engage courage, direct, making a stand, engaging will power, and/or correct use of force. Learn to be warrior of the heart. The Spiritual Warrior faces this challenge with the clarity and awareness that this war is fought within himself and that Truth and unconditional love are on the other side of these battles. This is not someone who necessarily stands up and fights, but this can include peaceful resistance, being the mediator to peace, or even facing down a personal fear to find a way the wisdom to overcome it.


October 21st-November 10th: Mercury Retrogrades in Scorpio: With Mercury being retrograde in Scorpio, a general skepticism is likely to run through the crowd. A sort of confusion is likely to prevail as far as secrets and unknown things are concerned. A tendency toward arrogance is also to be expected among the menfolk and generally others might seem difficult to get along with. But remember everyone is being influenced by these energies that pushing us to further our individual selves. So patience is required with others. A general attraction towards the occult sciences like psychic readings and astrology will be today as people seek the clarity they thought they were realizing over the last week. Let today’s doubts be a blip on your road of life.


October 22nd: Mars in Virgo is showing us where the flaws are, even if not in the most polite way. Mercury is helping out by its retrograde motion giving us a second chance to fix things. Mercury will be with Saturn again a week from today and we will have step two. Step one in our clean-up process was the 8th of October and step three will be November 25th, as mentioned the main message for this week. We have a lot to learn. The Moon is in Gemini today and we are in a very intense mood sorting out what is important and what is not.


While this ends the normal monthly mystical report, I will add this:

October 23rd: Sun enters Scorpio, where passion, discovering the truth, and intuition intersect. Our everyday personality may be called to be more observant and to see through lies or false things We will know exactly what we need to do to be successful with what is on our plate. This is a day to adjust, digest, and figure out your own strategy in light of the current climate.   Shortly after, a solar eclipse (November 3) is going to heighten our perceptions and intuitions. So there will be many messages coming, just stay tuned, and stay centered, and know that you are ultimately meant to succeed!



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Written by Lindsay


I am an Intuitive Spiritual Master life coach, helping those who need help developing their life purpose, passions, and gifts! I work with people who want to be their own Super hero and discover their Super Secret Powers. I have my Master coaching certs in Spirituality coaching, Confidence coaching, Life purpose and Passion coaching, Laser coaching, and Fear and Anxiety coaching through IICS. Let’s discover how your super secret powers will change your life and your world today!

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