Get a grip on your psychic abilities now!

These seven steps will help you set up a personal procedure to use to be a healthy and happy psychic and still a fully functional person! Most people find psychic development hard and sometimes scary. I am constantly reminding people, that for the most part, people are born with these abilities. But it is only people become conscious of what is happening, when they get afraid!! But if you this is the way you are wired to work, how do you get past the fear and anxiety so you can get on with life?

Having some personal procedure is actually ones of the things I consider essential to beginning to use psychic abilities. I know it may sound anithema to say that there should be some rigor to something that sounds as free-spirited as using one’s psychic talents. It is really for your own benefit and protection, and in the long run, should form a seamless and effective method of using your abilities. What procedure you use and exactly how you do it, should up to your personal choice and preference. For some it can be used as a back up plan or even used in a as needed basis, but practicing it from the beginning will allow you to be able to switch things us easily as you do need to.

Here are the basics for forming an effective and safe procedure for using your psychic abilities:
  1. Cleansing before you work: Good hygiene is essential to having a good psychic session and staying healthy (mundanely and spiritually). Cleanliness is next to godliness in this aspect of working. Clean yourself and clean your working space. You can keep it simple by burning a little white sage to do some smudging (or other herbal incense, like sandalwood, frankincense, and dragon’s blood), playing some tonal music (like singing bowls), and even sprinkling a little holy water around. It can be more complex cleansing, like a ritual cleaning bath or performing an energy cleansing on yourself and room. But getting rid of the ick that may have accumulated will help you enter your sacred mental space easier and keep you on track, and prevent unwanted interference from the Otherside.
  1. Grounding, centering, and shielding: When you are using your talents, your energy changes. It can attract attention for other beings. So, it’s best to ground your energy to something deep and constant, like the Earth and the living web of life around you, center your soul and your energy bodies to the root of your being (so all aspects of yourself are in agreement with what is happening and so you have access to all your power and abilities), and then set your psychic shields. Most of this work happens through mental visualization. Some people can feel their own energies moving. It is best to be able to ground, center, and shield using just the sense of your own energy. This will come in time with practice. There are dozens of ways to visualize all this happening, so do some research, and find what works for you. Many people will use a bubble of light around them for shielding, but this is not the only energy you can work with to shield. Shielding should be an extension of what you know are your weaknesses, and is best when you use energies you are already familiar with. If you know who to work with angels, ask them for help. If you are good with our plant friends, you can use vines and thorns. But another aspect to consider here is that you want to make contact with something or someone in your session. You might have to adjust your shielding to all the message to be able to come through your shields. You might have to think of your shields more like a mesh screen, rather than a firm boundary in the context of your psychic sessions.
    If you have problems with visualization you can, at least, make a circle of salt around you and keep the protective incenses mentioned above burning throughout the session.
  1. Set an intention: This doesn’t have to too exact, but it is best to state what you wish to get information on or how you wish to speak to up front. Sometimes spirit has it’s own way of working things, and most times it has it’s own sense of timing as well. But state your intention up front, and if for some reason you cannot achieve that goal in that session, try to remember to at least ask why it can’t be achieved and if there is anything you can to do to facilitate that goal coming into being.
    While the otherside is always there and pretty much always accessible to us, it is the best practice to only contact them or try to astral travel there for a specific reason. If you don’t go lurking around someone’s house in this plane, don’t go lurking, for lurking’s sake in someone’s space on the otherside. ALWAYS ask that guides and guardians be present with you while working and that they help to protect and facilitate the session.
  1. Crossing over: This is a phrase my friend coined when we were young and trying to describe what it felt like to be in different states of consciousness. One does not fully need to be “crossed over” in order to start receiving information. One can be in only slightly crossed over. This term is more specifically used when we do sessions while awake, and not used to describe those states we might achieve while partially asleep. In essence, crossing over is achieving a awake meditative state. To be honest, if you are not used to it, it can feel quite odd.
    Sensations I notice when I have achieved this state are rapid eye movement, feeling slowed down physically while the mind might be racing, feeling like you are in two places at once, or not in sync with the rest of the waking world. This state means you have reached the place in yourself where you can be receptive to messages from spirits, angels, and other beings. But you must not forget that this state is so you can communicate, not simply be a receptor. If your mind is racing and you can’t seem to get things straight, pull your thoughts together and ask for the information to slow down and coming a way you understand, because you are not understanding what you are seeing. Speaking what you see, feel, hear, or smell can help make the process steady itself out. Speaking may seem difficult and maybe a little halting, even like you are stuttering. But that is how it happens when you are trying to work psychic muscles you haven’t used too much, or if you get an over excited spirit trying to tell you everything at once. Asserting control in this state can be a little tricky at first, and you can ask your guides and guardians to even work with you to give you more generic symbols of what the message is about, rather than all the gory details. Don’t ever feel stupid for saying that you didn’t catch something or that you need something repeated, perhaps even is a different way. What matters is that you are as accurately getting the message or the main idea as possible. This can be hard and challenging work, it can challenge what you believe about the basics of reality. So take it easy, get your procedure down, and know when it’s time to stop.
  1. Giving thanks and coming back: When the message is over, or you become tired, it is time to start saying thanks and good bye. At times, you have to be firm with spirits who are excited or haven’t gotten anyone else to listen to them. Try to come back to an awakened state as gently and lovingly as possible.
    Some good mental triggers to use, are checking the time, going to journal your experience, or even going to get something to eat or drink. It needs to be an action that will take you out of your meditative state and force you focus on being on the Earthly plane again.
  1. Grounding, centering, and shielding: Once you are disconnected from the otherside, you need to make sure your energies are back in place where they should be. If you still feel a little fuzzy around the edges, do some stretches, put on some dancing music, or even take a shower. Make sure you are fully aware and awake in this plane.
    Then put your shields back up to where they normally when you are dealing the everyday world. If you were asked to try something different with your shields by your guides, guardians, and spirits during your session, this is NOT the time to try it out. Get back to yourself first, as all messages should be validated or checked against reality and common sense before beginning to make those kinds of changes. You need to be fully inside of yourself and well rested and taken care of in order to make good decisions.
  1. Cleansing: Not all beings and spirits like to obey. It’s best to smudge or cleanses yourself and your working space before AND after a session. This can also be done in the spirit of gratitude for the help you have received. Offerings of incense have made for thousands of years, and it still valid way to show to show our thanks today.


What's the point in having abilities you are afraid to use?

These seven steps should get you set up to safely and sanely open yourself up to doing a psychic session and get you back to being yourself effectively under normal circumstances. But now that you have this information, what do you do? Research, talk about (even if you can’t exactly explain why you are interested in in that topic…you heard from a friend, right??) with others, and keep journaling. When and if it makes sense to use information or make suggested changes, you will know it feels right. It might even seem like something you should have been doing all along. Not all information you get will be something you can use, or use immediately. Not every message you get to pass on, should be. And there will be times when you release the message or information back into the universe to find it’s own way to better manifest, because something in this here and now simply didn’t feel right.

The most important thing to remember about this process, is that you are star of it. Without you a message might not be able to come through. A soul (living or passed on) might not receive help. Our gifts are to be used with discretion, but they are there so we can interface with the otherside. 

How you do your work, how you use your talents is up to you and should be done within your comfort zone. It should be your goal to find that comfortable balance between psychic working and everyday life, so that you can be a fully functioning person.

Your psychic abilities are NOT the only reason we are here. We are here to be people first, with healthy relationships, positive growth, and a meaningful life, before we are called to work psychically.

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