From Week one from the Artist’s Way, I find I am kind of like Paul.  While I do necessarily drop people because they expressed interest in my creations, I certainly don’t take their comments at face value.  It’s almost as if I don’t trust them to be able to make objective comments and I even feel vindicated in pointing out where I messed up or could have done better.

Why is it so hard to take a compliment?  I do realize that someone may like something you did, even if not technically complicated or 100% well done, they may like it if the subject matter is simple and straightforward.  People will like what they like, and I don’t know why I should second guess it.  But I do.  I use that whole reasoning to keep my prices perhaps lower than they should be, to not make the extra effort to get myself and product and services out there.

I have a hard time talking about the good parts of what I made or have to offer.  I don’t even feel they are terribly special, instead, it’s “just something I made” or “just something I sell”.  I am going to have to practice accepting compliments and attention graciously, without freezing up or demeaning what I do.  At that point it’s almost a wonder I actually make sales, by backwardness does not help me in the arena.  I should wear a sign, like how sometimes people do in group therapy, “I do not accept praise well. Compliment me, and make me take it well”.  It’s amazing how limiting one’s outlook could be, and you don’t’ necessarily realize you are doing it all to yourself for not very good reasons.

I have to say Thank God for Etsy.  I do a lot of my price and product research from there.  It helps me to charge what I should charge, rather then allowing myself to undervalue my work and time.  That is my lesson today, learn to accept praise and don’t allow your work to be undervalued simply because you have low confidence.

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Written by Lindsay


I am an Intuitive Spiritual Master life coach, helping those who need help developing their life purpose, passions, and gifts! I work with people who want to be their own Super hero and discover their Super Secret Powers. I have my Master coaching certs in Spirituality coaching, Confidence coaching, Life purpose and Passion coaching, Laser coaching, and Fear and Anxiety coaching through IICS. Let’s discover how your super secret powers will change your life and your world today!

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